Shop Small this Christmas

Last Month we paired up with nine Ohio small business owners to present all of our Instagram followers a chance to win a $100 visa Gift Card!  With Christmas in mind, we thought we would share a little bit more about what makes these businesses so great and why you should consider shopping with them this Christmas! 


We'll start out with telling you a lil bit about us!

We are Deanna and Sarah, the “Flower girls” of My Beverly Jewelry! The two of us create vintage inspired jewelry using real pressed flowers. Our designs are made using flowers that we grow, pick and press, as well as flowers from our family’s gardens, local flower shops and flowers that we find in the wild! We love what we do and are forever thankful that others do too! In addition to the wears we make on the regular, we create specialized pieces as well! We preserve flowers from wedding bouquets, funeral arrangements, baby showers and more! These customized items offer our customers a truly special piece of jewelry while capturing a memorable moment in their lives.


You can shop with us online at:

Shop in Person: All year long we travel around Ohio and Pa to artisans’ markets and special events. Our next local show are in both Youngstown Ohio, at the B&O station Saturday and Sunday, as well as the I Made It Market in Pittsburgh PA on Saturday!

My Beverly Jewelry can also be found in several local Brick and mortar shops in both Ohio and PA! Check out our Stockist list to see which one is closest to you! Each item we create is one of a kind, so you never know what you’ll find when visiting the many locations that sell our goods!


We participated in a giveaway like this in the past and found it to not only be beneficial to all the businesses involved but also truly enjoyable for our contestants! We’ve heard many many times how excited our followers got after learning about and discovering new local Ohio Businesses. So, it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to these amazing businesses that helped bring our Shop Small Saturday Winner a $100 visa gift card! Thanks everyone! xoxo


About these awesome Ohio Businesses


Downtime Collective:

Cleveland Ohio based illustrator Nick creates paper products, stationery, home goods and what first grabbed our attention; enamel pins!!! Downtime Collective’s work is unique and super cool and affordable! Also, what’s more is that every one of their products are packaged in-house by hand, under the watchful eyes of several beautiful cats. 

Shop Online:



Finns Fickle Goods:

 We first discovered Finns Fickle Goods while participating in the Country Living Magazine Fair. We instantly fell in love with her beautiful exclusive designs! These are high quality stylish bags, sold at fair prices and they all come with a lifetime warranty! Finns Fickle creates a variety of designs to choose from to fit anyone’s individual style!

Shop Online:

Shop in Person: Finns Fickle designs are carried at a large variety of shops locally as well as around the Country. Check out their stockist list to find a shop close to you at



Luna Love:

 I think just about everyone has an absolute favorite movie, TV show, or book! Corrina from Luna Love creates 100% handmade soy candles capturing her favorites! Most importantly she creates them with the most perfect scents to go along with each of her designs. For example, she created a Stranger Things candle called “Steve the Babysitter” here is what to expect this cute candle to smell like. Steve the Babysitter, smells like: his wooden nail bat, and four poofs of Farrah Fawcett spray (sandalwood, balsam, basil, lemon and orange). Doesn't that sound like perfection?! At $10.00 Luna Love candles are super affordable too! They make great gifts for Christmas, she even offers personalized options!


Shop in Person: Luna Love is carried at Reclaimed Rose in Columbiana!



MandaBees Headbands:

We own two handfuls of Amanda’s quality headbands and love each one! They are truly the perfect fit, offering all the things you want your headband to do. Her designs are germ resistant, and no slip guarantee! Amanda Bee’s even perfected her designs so the edges won’t roll up! The patterns and color schemes Amanda offers are just about never ending, and they are just the cutest!

Shop Online:

Shop in Person: Amanda Bees Headbands is carried in wonderful selection of local shops. Check their website to find one closest to you!!  You can also shop in person at one the the many events MandaBees is selling their goods at!


Playful Fox Co.:

With two puppies and 3 kitties that tug ever so closely to our hearts, we are HUGE animal lovers. When you love your pets as much as we do you want to give them the world! Playfulfox Co. Can help you do that! They offer toys, bedding and fashionable wears for pets of all kinds! We love that they create items for not only dogs, but also cats, bunnies, hamsters, Guinea pigs and more! Their designs are so cute and made from quality materials too! Plus, they don’t cost an arm or a leg!

 Shop Online:



Shop Cool Critters:

Shop Cool Critters is a one woman show that is ran by a sweet gal named Jess! She creates fun stuffed animals that are 100% one of a kind and all handmade! They truly are cool critters! Her creations are self-designed with nearly endless color and pattern possibilities. Every single one is Awesome! She loves working on custom creations with your monster ideas in mind!

Shop Online:


Shop in Person at one of the many local events that Shop Cool Critters is at, check online for more details

Tori Macramé:

Tori’s designs handmade wall art that looks hip and high class but has a low-price tag attached! Her pieces offer a soft comforting appearance to any room! Her handmade selection comes in several styles and unique colors.

Shop Online:

Shop In person: Tori Macramé sells her beautiful designs at local markets, check her events to see where she’s headed next!



7thirty8Apparel was created back in 2012 by a Genuinely nice Ohioan from Zanesville. We love how his T-shirts give off the perfect mix of a low-key vibe yet still make an awesome statement! 7thirty8 has expanded their line offering hats, stickers hoodies, and more! Writing a bio for 7thirty8Apparel just doesn’t feel right when the boss man has put together such an awesome video about the brand he built. Please go check it out, it’s worth a watch! While you're there make sure you take a peek at his super cool designs. They are a must have! 

Shop Online:




Kind hearted business owner and creator Jackie, from WhiteChurch co. makes delicious jellies and jams! What makes her spreads so yummy is that they are infused with only the best selection of wines and fresh herbs and fruits. These gourmet, small batch recipes are created locally in Lisbon, Ohio. They are inspired by food, travel and fun! Whitechurch Co. makes fantastic gifts for the foody in your life!


Shop Online at:

Shop in Person: WhiteChurch Co. is carried in several Ohio and PA brick and motor shops, check their website to find one closest to you or check her events for the opportunity to taste test one of these fantastic Jellies in person! Next Local show: is at the Warehouse District in downtown Canton from 10-4!