Deanna & Sarah


It seems impossible to talk about how Deanna and Sarah formed their business without touching on the fact these two, are truly the best of friends. Their friendship formed in the early 2000s while attending a Edgar Allen Poe play. The girls found themselves giggling inappropriately, and just never seemed to stop. Both knew very quickly that they had very special bond. A bond that has proven to conquer all the things in life! The laughter and love shared then is carried on today within their business. Its easy to see these best friends know just how blessed they feel to be side by side as business owners! 

In 2013 Deanna and Sarah were working full time on different career paths. Ending their days feeling unfulfilled, the two started hosting creative workshops  at each others homes once a week. It was during this time that My Beverly Jewelry came to be. The girls began mastering the craft of pressing flowers and preserving their beauty.

The pair creates vintage inspired jewelry using pressed flowers. These works of art come from blooms that they forage in the wild, from their families as well as their own beautiful gardens. They also often create pieces with flowers from customers and local floral shops as well. 



Beverly Ann Parry 

05/5/1936 - 11/16/2010 

They dedicated My Beverly Jewelry to a woman they will forever adore; their Grandmother, Beverly Parry. Her truly remarkable soul, loving ways, and passion for God touched so many. Being a Sunday School teacher, Wife, Mother of eight, and a Grandmother of twenty two she was a woman who had and did it all, and did it with such dignity. She left such a legacy that it is the friends pleasure to honor her beautiful heart, as they touch and inspire others with their jewelry.