Deanna & Sarah


Our friendship began over inappropriate giggling at an Edgar Allen Poe Play in the early 2000s. The laughter we shared then is still carried on today.  We feel so lucky to be running a business side by side, and will forever feel blessed that we do! 

In 2013 we were both working full time in office settings, ending the day exhausted and unfulfilled.  During our weekly craft nights we left behind the demands of our daily life and together felt inspired and motivated. We started dreaming about what it would be like to work for ourselves, and more importantly doing something we loved. We took our dream to heart and kept persistent. When we began experimenting with flowers our vision quickly came into focus. The beginning wasn't easy, we literally shed blood, sweat and tears, but with determination My Beverly Jewelry thrived. 

We soon began growing our own flowers on the balconies of our apartments. Today, we pick blooms from our own small gardens as well as the gardens of our families. We also sometimes have the opportunity to press unique flowers from our customers and local floral shops.



Beverly Ann Parry 

05/5/1936 - 11/16/2010 

We dedicated My Beverly Jewelry to our Grandmother, Beverly Parry. She was and still remains to be the glue within our family values. Her truly remarkable soul, loving ways, and passion for God touched so many. She left such a legacy that it is our pleasure to honor her beautiful heart, as we touch and inspire others with our jewelry.